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Teaching and Learning with Twitter

Mark recently posted an article from the New York Times on using Twitter in the classroom. I’ve been interested in using Twitter in the classroom, particularly to offer that backchannel experience. Students would be able to comment electronically during a … Continue reading

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Library’s Faculty Workshop: Anyone Can Blog or Twitter!

Tomorrow’s workshop might interest you: The City Tech Library, in partnership with the Faculty Commons, is pleased to invite all faculty to a library workshop: Anyone Can Blog or Twitter (And So Can You!). In this workshop you’ll learn how … Continue reading

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long list of useful tools

As suggested by Joe Ugoretz during our visit to Macaulay Honors College, here is a list of kitchen sink/kitchen table utilities–basically, anything you’d want to use in your site and links to examples.

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Developmental courses and the First-Year Experience

Michelle called our attention to a recent New York Times article about the growing need for remediation within CUNY, “CUNY Adjusts Amid Tide of Remedial Students.” If you did not have a chance to read it yet, check it out … Continue reading

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More Brain activity!

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Gen Ed Committee and Gen Ed Seminar combined meeting

I’ve heard wonderful things about the Gen Ed committee and Gen Ed seminar joint meeting on Friday, March 4th. Please share your reflections on, reactions to, or play-by-play, or notes from the meeting.  This will be especially helpful for those … Continue reading

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Announcement: Reading for March 11th

On March 11th, City Tech’s Writing Fellows will join our group and help us think about writing in the context of our first-year courses. This work will build on work that you did at yesterday’s very productive meeting with the … Continue reading

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Jim Groom’s visit–listen in!

We’re anxiously awaiting the video of our most recent seminar meeting so that we can share it with anyone interested who wasn’t present. In the interim, check out the audio of Jim’s presentation, which he broadcast on ds106 radio. If … Continue reading

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Jim Groom’s blog

In anticipation of Jim Groom‘s visit on Friday, we’ve already asked you to check out his current open-education project, You might also want to read his blog, We’re really looking forward to his visit, and hope that you’re … Continue reading

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Reading responses to Dean Edelstein and Gregory C. Wolniak, Tricia A. Seifert, and Charles F. Blaich

Please share your responses to these two articles about electives and general education: Dean Edelstein, “Lost in the Middle” in Inside Higher Ed (January 21, 2011): Excerpted from Views: Lost in the Middle – Inside Higher Ed Gregory C. … Continue reading

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2/15 WAC Workshop announcement

So far, we’ve used the blog for many functions, including announcements. I’m experimenting with the announcements function on the Group page to see if we like communicating this way instead for this kind of announcement. I’ll still post this on … Continue reading

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Questions from the morning session

Here are the general categories of questions we came up with: 1. What and where is Gen Ed? 2. What is the role of and means of implementation of Gen Ed in the majors, esp. at a college of technology? … Continue reading

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CUNY pathways

CUNY has launched a new website,, which they hope will “provide a hub to share information and ideas regarding CUNY’s degree pathways for undergraduates” to further the “aim to help our students move quickly and efficiently toward graduation.” There … Continue reading

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We are experiencing technical difficulties–please stand by

Something’s not quite right here. Earlier today, the blog was completely off-line, and now it’s back but without some of its bells and whistles. All of that should be repaired shortly, or redone soon. Please bear with us and ignore … Continue reading

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have any General Education questions?

We started talking about what general education is during our first meeting in December; here’s a list of what we briefly said GenEd is: foundations prerequisites broadens what will set students apart controversy about great books how you particulate hands … Continue reading

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Summerfield reading

I posted the Summerfield reading on our Readings page earlier this week–I hope everyone noticed that. You can add your response to the Summerfield reading as a comment to this blog post.

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Jeannette M. Wing reading

Here is the reading for the Jeannette Wing lecture: Wing06 *You can add your response to the Wing reading by posting a comment here. You can find the readings on the Readings page by clicking on Readings on the bar … Continue reading

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Getting started on the annotated bibliography

We hope to use Zotero or some other resource to help us keep our sources organized, but until then, feel free to post your finds in the comments section here.

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notes from January 28th

Breakthroughs Doug and Michelle: robotics. Eg: computer on Jeopardy. Jetson-type world. Decision-making AI. Basic computer skills plus more Viviana: re AI that’s already done in telemedicine, nanotechnology; spaceships that go farther in space. In teaching, use a hologram to produce … Continue reading

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Feynman, Gen Ed, and more

While you’re reading Richard P. Feynman’s “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!”: Adventures of a Curious Character, please share your ideas on the blog. Here are some questions you might respond to: how does this book relate to this seminar specifically, … Continue reading

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