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Keeping up my end of the task: This is Gen Ed

I’ve been keeping this from you all semester. These dudes at some college in Massachusetts came up with:  A PROGRAM IN GENERAL EDUCATION: http://www.generaleducation.fas.harvard.edu Park your car in Harvard Yard [Pronounce each \å\ as in father if you do not rhyme … Continue reading

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Is Drawing GenEd?

I have been giving this question a great deal of thought as I teach my classes.  I consider GenEd to include those skills and traits I want to instill in my students that help them to be among other things … Continue reading

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Reading responses to Dean Edelstein and Gregory C. Wolniak, Tricia A. Seifert, and Charles F. Blaich

Please share your responses to these two articles about electives and general education: Dean Edelstein, “Lost in the Middle” in Inside Higher Ed (January 21, 2011): Excerpted from Views: Lost in the Middle – Inside Higher Ed http://www.insidehighered.com/views/2011/01/21/edelstein_on_the_role_of_electives Gregory C. … Continue reading

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CUNY pathways

CUNY has launched a new website, http://www.cuny.edu/pathways, which they hope will “provide a hub to share information and ideas regarding CUNY’s degree pathways for undergraduates” to further the “aim to help our students move quickly and efficiently toward graduation.” There … Continue reading

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have any General Education questions?

We started talking about what general education is during our first meeting in December; here’s a list of what we briefly said GenEd is: foundations prerequisites broadens what will set students apart controversy about great books how you particulate hands … Continue reading

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Summerfield reading

I posted the Summerfield reading on our Readings page earlier this week–I hope everyone noticed that. You can add your response to the Summerfield reading as a comment to this blog post.

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Getting started on the annotated bibliography

We hope to use Zotero or some other resource to help us keep our sources organized, but until then, feel free to post your finds in the comments section here.

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