Keeping up my end of the task: This is Gen Ed

I’ve been keeping this from you all semester. These dudes at some college in Massachusetts came up with:  A PROGRAM IN GENERAL EDUCATION:

Park your car in Harvard Yard [Pronounce each \å\ as in father if you do not rhyme father with bother. Drop the \r\ if it is in the same syllable as a vowel.].  Surf the  site. Download the Report of the Taskforce. Read some of the digital essays on General Ed. Look at some of the trailers under Courses. If you like what’s happening at one of the Ivies, then “generally” use their précis. Don’t sweat the big stuff.

And there’s more to come.

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  1. Sandra Cheng says:

    Thanks Charles. I was amused with the opening line: “The new Program in General Education seeks to connect in an explicit way what students learn in Harvard classrooms to life outside the ivied walls and beyond the college years,” and noted that not matter what type of walls, ivied or cinderblock, the goal is to tear down those walls, or at least learn how to negotiate them. The trailers remind me of a lot of the material found on with many talks/lectures/performances.

    Lastly, it was fun working with you and Paul Friday.


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