Proposed Format for May 20th Presentaion Day

In today’s meeting, Julia Jordan facilitated a discussion on the proposed format of our May 20th Presentation Workshop.  Based on our discussion, we agreed on the following:

  • ·         the fellows will present in small groups of their choosing
  • ·         each group will have 10 minutes to present
  • ·         each presentation will be followed by 10 minutes of feedback
  • ·         three groups will present first, followed by a 10 – 15 minute break
  • ·         the last three groups will present followed by a short wrap up and lunch

One of the thoughts for lunch that day was Pizza, followed by an Ice Cream Social where each fellow would be asked to bring their favorite ice cream topping.

Please comment on the format of the presentation day and lunch idea for this meeting.

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2 Responses to Proposed Format for May 20th Presentaion Day

  1. I like the last point, “a short wrap up and lunch.” As opposed to the wrap ups we’ve eaten for lunch? (I can’t help it, my inner fifth-grader comes out when I have a chance to play with words. I can be such a smart ass-essment.)

    For lunch, hmmm. . . what about the fat professor(s) who’s supposed to go gluten and dairy free.

    I’ll bring Charley’s chocolate.

  2. Looking forward to the ice-cream! Staying in line with the theme of the grant the ice-cream will be from the Brooklyn Ice-Cream Factory! Vanilla, Chocolate and ????.

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