Readings for April 8 – Kuh and Bean

I was searching last night for the Bean reading assignment and couldn’t find it (thanks for the reminder, Charles!). I located it this morning in the hard copy agenda from last week, and I’m posting it in case others are in the same dilemma.

There are two readings for our April 8th meeting:

  1. Kuh, George D. High-Impact Educational Practices: What They Are, Who Has Access to Them, and Why They Matter. (This is a .pdf — it’s listed on the Handouts page, and here is a direct link to the document).
  2. Bean, John C., Engaging Ideas. Review chapters 5 and 6; read chapter 7, p. 123, 128, 130-132; dip into chapters 7 – 10 and find a few pages particularly relevant to your course (difficult texts, small groups, etc.)
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2 Responses to Readings for April 8 – Kuh and Bean

  1. Thanks, Jonas! I’ve updated the Readings page to include the Bean selections as well.

  2. Jonas Reitz says:

    Great! Thanks Jody.

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