Questions for the Workshop

As we gear up for the first of our summer workshops, it might be good to have a place where we might gather questions you’d like us to be sure we get to (anything from ‘how do I change the name of a site?’ to ‘can the site do X?’). Feel free to email Scott directly or add them as comments to this post, and we’ll be sure to deal with them. Hope you’re all well!

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2 Responses to Questions for the Workshop

  1. viviana says:

    Hi Scott,

    Please remind me where we are supposed to meet on July 12-13 and what time. Do you also have an agenda for that day?



  2. Hi Viviana, we’ll meet from 10-4 on those days in the library’s big classroom, Rm. A540. Enter the library on the 4th floor of the Atrium, head upstairs and turn right to get to the classroom.

    We don’t have the agenda finalized quite yet but will share it when we do.


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