This project is part of a U.S. Department of Education Title V grant recently awarded to the New York City College of Technology. Titled “A Living Laboratory: Revitalizing General Education Program for a 21st-Century College of Technology,” it is structured around four activities:

(1) Redesign General Education to strengthen its connections to degree programs and implement a comprehensive cyclical model of faculty development to help faculty members incorporate High Impact practices and competencies into their courses;

(2) Create a state-of-the-art digital platform to support teaching and learning while also
increasing student and faculty engagement in the intellectual and social fabric of the college

(3) Institutionalize a culture of assessment that integrates comprehensive outcomes assessment into the General Education curriculum; and

(4) Build an endowment in support of the research and education mission of the Center for the Study of the Brooklyn Waterfront, which will in turn support the redesign of General Education.

These cohesive and interrelated activities will enable the College to revitalize General Education, and the digital platform created in Activity 2 will facilitate a cohesive interface among them.

Banner photo taken by Geordano Abreu, a student in the GRA 1130/ENG 1101 Learning Community, Fall 2010

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