Sample Computer Science Course Site

Here’s another sample site, this time for a computer science course at Mary Washington.  The site is simple, with the information flow more or less exclusively from professor to student.  It’s also a little difficult to negotiate retroactively (assignments, for example, aren’t found in a easily discerned single place).   The result is a strong case for organizing a site using categories as you go, but was probably useful for student and professor as the class was in session.

The main reason I’m posting it, however, is for those of you who’ve been talking to me about homework and quiz options might find this post particularly useful.  The professor has set up a form that will email him the answers to the questions once the students answer.  He also uses a more traditional format, having students download an ms word homework assignment which they then email to him.  The advantages to this are of course a lack of paper, etc.  Ideally, though, one would probably want a solution that doesn’t involve email, but rather stays on the course site, don’t you think?

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