have any General Education questions?

We started talking about what general education is during our first meeting in December; here’s a list of what we briefly said GenEd is:

  • foundations
  • prerequisites
  • broadens
  • what will set students apart
  • controversy about great books
  • how you particulate hands across the curriculum
  • writing/WAC
  • always local and foundation for lifelong learning
  • all that stuff
  • old wine in new bottles
  • common academic intellectual experience
  • aware of drawing on liberal education every day
  • what generates the ground specific engagement
  • a bit foreign, an opportunity to learn along w/students
  • breadth and depth
  • requirements that make students informed participants outside of the college, practical applications outside the classroom
  • prerequisites and awareness of health care in this part of Brooklyn
  • critical thinking and esp. moving from memorization to synthesis
  • well-rounded individual w/skills + experiences that have application in the real world
  • universal knowledge in humanities, social, natural sciences
  • lifelong learning + leading to an informed citizenry
  • use your local knowledge to solve global problems
  • less important what it is than what it should be: openly, critically, flexibly and creatively about the world
  • connectivity and the actions that come out of those connections, gen ed provides foundation
  • short: read write think feel; long: motto used to be “to live a life to earn a living”

In our second meeting, we started our literature review, but without a firm definition of general education, in part because the research will guide us to a definition or set of definitions.

For our third session, we would like to ask what questions you have about GenEd in general, at CUNY, at City Tech, at a college of technology, in your class, or what questions you have about our seminar and our project. You can post your questions here in a comment, or you can bring them with you on Friday for further discussion.

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