Gen Ed Committee and Gen Ed Seminar combined meeting

I’ve heard wonderful things about the Gen Ed committee and Gen Ed seminar joint meeting on Friday, March 4th. Please share your reflections on, reactions to, or play-by-play, or notes from the meeting.  This will be especially helpful for those of us who could not be there, so that we can catch up before our next seminar meeting on Friday, March 11th. You can reply to this post of write your own post.

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7 Responses to Gen Ed Committee and Gen Ed Seminar combined meeting

  1. Charles Hirsch says:

    Do you have minutes from the meeting?

  2. I don’t, but I hope that those who were present will share their notes in the interim before official minutes are circulated.

  3. Those meetings typically don’t produce minutes because we’re usually working on an activity, but we’ll be sharing the activities that Title V and Gen Ed folks collaborated on. I’ve started posting these in the forum on the Living Lab group, so please head over there to find them.

  4. Hi Charles, you can get to our group by either pulling down the My Groups menu from the grey navbar at the very top of each page, or from this direct link:

    Once in the group, click Forums on the left side to see the forum posts/discussions.

    The blog vs. group distinction is one that’s come up in a couple of contexts — I’m planning to explore this more with everyone soon, as there are features of each that could be used for teaching classes on our new platform.

    • Soooooooo. Groups let you read stuff; blogs let you do stuff such as entering a post. It was the proper noun and common noun usage of “Living Lab group” and “My Groups” that got me befuddled.

      • Doing and reading, these are interesting ways to talk about groups and blogs. We can post things in groups, too, but in forums (with traditional discussion-board styling) rather than as blog posts.

        These are good questions to chew over. I’m working on gathering up some documentation/helpful guidelines and hopefully those on blogs and groups will help jumpstart for this discussion. Stay tuned!

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