Announcement: Reading for March 11th

On March 11th, City Tech’s Writing Fellows will join our group and help us think about writing in the context of our first-year courses. This work will build on work that you did at yesterday’s very productive meeting with the Gen Ed committee. To that end, we ask that you bring the on-the-books SLOs (Student Learning Outcomes, or whatever your department calls them) for the course you’re reimagining for the fall. We also would like to focus your attention for the reading:

John Bean, Engaging Ideas, Chapters 5 and 6, with particular attention paid to pgs. 75-80, 104-117. If you would like more background on his approach stressing the connections between writing and critical thinking, see Chapter 2, pgs. 15-20, 26-29.

Please feel free to browse other portions of this very useful book as well and share pages that you think would be beneficial for your colleagues to read. Engaging Ideas is widely used in WAC/WID programs because it is so useful and user-friendly.

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