Update 5.26

We’ve updated a few more things on the site! But do keep sending me suggestions and comments, in particular those things that we’ll be able to roll-over onto your own sites later in the summer. A fine example of this comes from Karen, who was hoping for a way to embed a calendar into her site in the fall. At present I’ve activated a calendar plug-in for our site (you can see it under ‘upcoming events’ to the right), which is synched with a google calendar dedicated to our activities. The calendar can appear as its own page or on the sidebar. At present I don’t thing there’s a way to make it appear as a grid, but notice that clicking on an event can lead to a map and directions!

As always I’m happy to show anyone how to set it up, and we’ll be sure to cover it in our Summer Workshops. Also, if any of you want to add anything to our calendar I’m happy to add you as an author.

Also notice the updated tutorials section, which builds on our custom menu to create a subpage for each tutorial, a set up that should help you find what you’re looking for and which should help your students find what they’re looking for (when you’re thinking of structuring your own sites). Do let me know if there are any tutorials you think we should add to that list. If you’re anything like me, repeatedly returns to video tutorials are the only solution for a terrible memory.

Lastly, under ‘technology and pedagogy’ you’ll see some new articles and essays which I hope you’ll find valuable.

One technical note: if you want help, you can email me directly or post under ‘submit questions/ask for help.’ It’ll help a great deal if you ask in a post, rather than as a reply or comment, because that ensures that I get an immediate email update and you’ll get an immediate response.

Enjoy the weather, and the holiday weekend!

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